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Cost of Living

Simply put, it costs less to live in York County.  The proof is in the numbers — specifically in the Cost of Living Index numbers. Using an index, where the average cost of living in the United States is equal to 100, York County comes in at a nice and low 96.7.

A community with an index of 100 has the same cost of living as the average U.S. city. A community with an index higher than 100 is more expensive, and a community with a lower number is less expensive.  And, the farther the number is from 100, the more or less expensive it is. So a 96.7 is really quite attractive, especially when you think about all you’re getting for your money.

At the most basic level, if a pair of shoes costs $100 in the average U.S. city, it would only cost $96 in York County. But the news gets even better. The Cost of Living Index provides an overall index, and then it breaks things down by specific categories. That’s helpful when you think about things like buying groceries, paying for healthcare, or even buying a home.

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