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Training & Assistance Programs

York Technical College

York Technical College located in Rock Hill is home to the region's Center for Advanced Manufacturing. This program emphasizes pre-employment training for new and expanding industry in York County and a comprehensive continuing education program where citizens can continually upgrade their skills.

The Center for Advanced Manufacturing is a 30,000 SF facility supporting the economic and workforce development needs of local industry in the region. Through partnerships with industry, the College's Workforce and Economic Development Division delivers world class training using the latest generation of computer numerically controlled machine tools, simulators, and advanced CAM software. 


The readySC program is South Carolina's unique and outstanding workforce training resource for companies locating or expanding in the state. The State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education (TECH) operates the workforce training program and oversees the statewide Technical Education College System. readySC recruits, screens, and trains individuals for specific assignments with new businesses and industries as well as expanding businesses. With the exception of very specialized areas, the workforce training is provided at no cost to the company. The program is funded entirely with state money and imposes no target populations.

Flexibility and Quality

ReadySC is highly regarded by South Carolina employers for the quality of workforce training and the skilled, dependable workers it produces. The success of the program is based squarely on its flexibility. Program administrators pride themselves in their ability to develop customized programs that suit the specific needs of clients. TECH's commitment to quality education has not gone unnoticed; the U.S. Department of Labor recognized TECH as a model for technical education systems in the United States. One reason cited was TECH's involvement and dedication to training prospective employees for every major industry located in the state. 

Commitment to Industry

When an employer decides to locate or expand in the state, readySC makes certain that the company will have the trained workers needed when the facility starts operation. Some of the major steps involved in the readySC process include the following:

  • ReadySC staff members meet with the company and analyze the jobs and skill levels needed.
  • Representatives of readySC, in partnership with South Carolina Jobs Service and Employment Security Commission, begin recruiting prospective workers. Advertisements are placed with various area media completely at the expense of the state.
  • Training materials such as manuals, videotapes, slides, and charts are developed and tailored to the company's processes. readySC has a media support center capable of producing these types of instructional materials.
  • Instructors—either TECH staff or the employers’ staff—are chosen and trained in instructional techniques, if necessary. The instructors are paid by readySC.
  • Classes are planned and a lead-time schedule is prepared. The schedule is designed to have workforce training completed approximately two weeks prior to hiring needs.
  • During the workforce training, any trainees who do not meet the required standards are removed from the program. In addition, there is no obligation on the company to hire the trainees or for the workers to accept an offer of employment at the end of workforce training. Please note that trainees are not paid for attending the workforce training.
  • Counseling and training in good work habits is provided. If needed, the pre-employment training may be followed by a period of on-the-job training after the trainee has been hired.

When the company is ready to expand or add more employees, readySC is available to assist in the training of the new employees. There is no limit to the number of times readySC may be used.


Rock Hill Applied Technology Center

The Rock Hill Applied Technology Center offers a variety of career and technical high school courses, designed specifically to prepare students for success in college, technical/specialty school, or the workforce. ATC courses provide students the opportunity to use academic skills in a project-based, hands-on learning environment. 

Material Handling and Logistics Program
York County provides an ideal location for distribution companies and Rock Hill’s Applied Technology Center (ATC) is leading the way in educating York County’s next generation of the logistics and supply chain workforce. This ATC program provides high school students with entry level and advanced skills in material handling, logistics, and supply chain management.  Coursework prepares students to become a Certified Logistics Associate (CLA) and provides opportunities to gain on-the-job experience working with local distribution companies.