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Noted for its expanding manufacturing, distribution, and office development along I-77, York County offers the advantages of a South Carolina location and business climate with quick access to Charlotte, the largest metropolitan area in the two Carolinas.

York County lies at the crossroads of an extensive transportation network that provides companies with efficient and convenient access for their people and products.

Whether it’s the ongoing growth of transportation corridors or an innovative business climate, York County offers an excellent environment for businesses to establish and grow.

York County actively promotes its growing base of skilled workers and partnerships with new and expanding companies to prepare and recruit employees.

The quality of life in York County is as appealing as its business climate.

Employees of companies moving to York County can choose from a variety of neighborhoods. It features everything from a renowned greenway and hiking trail system to one of the largest amusement parks in the region – all with a cost of living that’s under the national average.

Choosing York County is not just good for business. This diverse county offers an equally enticing quality of life that makes it one of the best places to live in the Southeastern United States.

We're settling into our beautiful new building – an inspiring space that has been designed with a contemporary, forward-thinking vibe. We’ve created amenities to meet a variety of associate and business needs, and found ways to maximize efficiency and functionality. To ensure our future success, we’ve consciously made investments in our workspace, in our people, and in our technology.

Tracy Foster President, Lash Group