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Advanced Materials

The Advanced Materials sector includes companies that use a broad range of technologies to produce components used in an even broader range of products. The five groups within this industry are metals, polymers, ceramics, glasses, and composites. In recent years, South Carolina companies in the Advanced Materials sector have generated $1.5 billion in capital investment and created over 7,900 jobs. In York County, areas of particular concentration include wood products, plastics, and rubber. 


Advanced Materials companies of all shapes and sizes benefit from York County’s rich heritage of manufacturing. Companies such as Atotech USA, Inc., an automated plating equipment, centrifugal dryer and environmental test chamber manufacturer; Composite Resources, which works with carbon fiber, Kevlar, fiberglass, and a host of other advanced materials; and Fomas, Inc., a forging and seamless rolled ring manufacturer; enjoy the location, excellent transportation network, and focused training programs offered through York Technical College
Industry Snapshot

To download an Industry Report for Advanced Materials in the York County labor shed click here.

Industry Snapshot

York County Labor Shed U.S.
Average Wage $72,338 $71,060 $79,756
Employment 2,821 26,366 3,284,181
5 Year Average Annual Growth Rate -1.3% -0.6% 1.1%
Location Quotient 1.25 1.04 1.00

Source: Chmura Economics, JobsEQ; 2Q 2023

Training Programs and Other Industry Resources

Home to two research institutions and 16 technical colleges, the Charlotte region and South Carolina offer a wealth of training programs and industry resources.

York Technical College Center for Advanced Manufacturing
York Technical College degree programs and corporate and continuing education in various fields that support the advanced manufacturing and transportation equipment industry including Industrial Maintenance, Machine Tool, Engineering, and Information Technology. 

UNC Charlotte Center of Precision Metrology
The University of North Carolina Charlotte Center of Precision Metrology is an interdisciplinary association of UNC Charlotte faculty and student researchers, allied with industrial partners in the research, development and integration of precision metrology as applied to manufacturing. The center is charged with breaking new ground in precision metrology through addressing real-world industrial concerns in a collaborative setting.  Specific research is funded through contracts with industrial partners to address proprietary application and development projects. Government funding is solicited for sponsoring fundamental and large-scale metrology projects.

UNC Charlotte is 35 minutes from York County.

University of South Carolina - McNair Center of Aerospace Research
Aerospace is the second largest industry in South Carolina, and supporting this cluster is the University of South Carolina’s McNair Center of Aerospace Research.  The McNair Center’s mission is to grow South Carolina's knowledge-based economy and support industry through aerospace education, research leadership and industry advancement.

Focus areas of the McNair Center's research include:

  • Steered fiber nonconventional laminate design
  • Automated novel structural composite part production
  • Multi-disciplinary design optimization of composite (aircraft) structures
  • Automated, fusion based assembly 

The McNair Center is 1 hour and 15 minutes from York County.

Clemson University Advanced Materials Research Laboratory

As one of the state’s premier research universities, Clemson is home to the Advanced Materials Research Laboratory at its Innovation Campus and Technology Park in Anderson, SC.  This state-of-the-art facility houses internationally recognized research programs in optoelectronics, chemistry and materials science. It also houses one of the nation's most outstanding electron microscopy facilities and a professional staff that provides services to private industry and academic clients.

Clemson University is a leader in advanced materials research, which accounts for almost 30 percent of the University's total research funding. Clemson has a significant track record as a resource for the advanced materials industry, with 14 startup companies and landing parties based on Clemson advanced materials expertise and more than 70 advanced-materials-based technologies available for licensing.

Clemson University is 2.5 hours from York County. 

SC Aerospace Cluster
SC Aerospace works to market and grow South Carolina’s aerospace industry cluster. It expands education and training to increase the aerospace sector’s workforce. Training programs include ReadySC and Apprenticeship Carolina. Aerospace educational opportunities exist in several institutions across South Carolina, including USC’s McNair Center, Clemson University’s Computational Center for Mobility Systems and International Center for Automotive Research, the Composites Manufacturing Technology Center of Excellence, South Carolina Technical College System (including York Technical College), and Richland County School District One’s Challenger Learning Center. SC Aerospace builds a competitive business environment. This cluster employs more than 57,000 people in South Carolina, with an average annual employee growth rate of 13%, and an average wage of $78,526. Leading SC Aerospace companies in York County include Cytec and Winbro Group Technologies. 


Who's Here

Account Name Physical City Employees Primary Product or Service Website
Stanley Black & Decker - Manufacturing Fort Mill 306 Manufacturer of Power Tools
Cirtec Medical Rock Hill 250 Manufacturer of Rubber and Silicone Products for Medical Industry
C.M. Steel, Inc. York 150 Structural & Miscellaneous Fabricator
Fomas USA, Inc. York 109 Manufacturer of Rolled Seamless Steel Rings
Atotech USA, Inc Rock Hill 93 Electrochemical Applications, Plating & Surface Finishing
Oxco, Corp. Fort Mill 88 Manufacturer and Wholesale Nonwoven Materials
PDM U.S., LLC Rock Hill 77 Manufacturer of Copper Tube and PreInsulated Copper Roll for HVAC
ADC Finishing, Inc. York 75 Liquid Painting and Powder Coating
Composite Resources, Inc. Rock Hill 72 Design, Prototype, and Manufacture Custom Composite Materials, Products and Machinery
Superior Washer & Gasket Corp Rock Hill 62 Washers and Gaskets
Possehl Connector Services Rock Hill 61 Metal Plating and Polishing
Ox Industries York 60 Manufacturer of Paper Edging for Shipping
Solvay Cytec Carbon Fibers Rock Hill 50 Manufacturer of Chemicals, Polymers, and Additives
Plastics Advanced Research Technology, Inc. Clover 45 Manufacturer of Plastic Products
CM Tucker Lumber Rock Hill 42 Manufacturer of Pressured Treated Wood Products
Composites One, LLC Rock Hill 40 Distribution of Composite Materials
Oerlikon Balzers Coating USA - Automotive Rock Hill 38 Manufacturer of Alloy Coating of Automotive Parts
Polymer Processing Inc Rock Hill 36 Rubber and Plastic Toll Processor
Banker Steel Rock Hill 35 Structural Steel Fabrication & Erection
Craco Metal Supply, Inc. York 30 Coated Steel Products
American Roller Rock Hill 23 Rollers and Specialty Roller Coverings
Oerlikon Balzers Coating USA - Tools Rock Hill 20 Manufacturer of Alloy Coating of Tools and Automotive Parts
Knot Yet Cabinets Works Rock Hill 18 Manufacture Cabinets
Kuraray America, Inc. Fort Mill 15 Vectran Fibers
American Fiberglass Corporation Rock Hill 14 Fiberglass Stock Car Racing and Kart Bodies
State Seal Co Fort Mill 12 Manufacturer of Standard and Custom Designed Seals, Gaskets and Converted Products
HG Global Services, Inc. Rock Hill 12 Engineer, Design and Manufacturing Custom Metal Products
Venture Industries, Inc Rock Hill 11 Fabricated Rubber Products
Laminex, Inc. Fort Mill 10 Manufacturer of Custom Card and ID Badges
IMT York LLC York 10 Engage in Metal Heat Treating, Brazing and Zinc Phosphating
Progressive Plastics Inc Clover 7 Plastic Injection Molding
Ehren-Haus Industries, Inc Fort Mill 7 Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Specialty Manufacturing
Nucom Inc. Rock Hill 6 Manufacturing Cutting Tools
Robtech Metal Products LLC Smyrna 5 Sheet Metal Fabricators
Harrison Machine & Plastic Corporation Clover 5 Plastic Fabrication, Duct Pipes and Fittings
Corson Rubber Products, Inc. Clover 3 Manufacturer of Extruded and Molded Rubber Products
Minuteman Press of Rock Hill Inc Rock Hill 3 Commercial Printing
Toray Ultrasuede Fort Mill 2 Fiber and Textile Products
DIRTT Environmental Solutions, Inc. Rock Hill Manufacturer of Personalized Modular Interior Building Systems
Harris Rebar Catawba Fabricator of Concrete Reinforcing Steel
Pallidus Rock Hill Corporate HQ and Manufacturer of Silicon Carbide Wafers for Semiconductor Industry
Goettfert, Inc. Rock Hill
Team Industrial Services, Inc. Rock Hill Heat-Treating Services
OneH2 Clover Hydrogen Equipment Manufacturing

Recent Announcements 

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  • FOMAS, Inc. growing existing York County operations. Investment of $2.5 million to expand machining capacity. Read More.

  • ADC Finishing announced an expansion that will lead to 10 new jobs and a $1.3 million capital investment.
  • Oerlikon Balzers announced an expansion that will lead to 23 new jobs and a $17.8 million capital investment. Read more.
  • Schaeffler Group USA announced an expansion that will lead to 105 new jobs and a $36.5 million capital investment. Read more.

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