Comporium’s New Campaign Wraps its World-Class Service in a Hometown Feel

ROCK HILL, S.C. – Comporium announced that it is rolling out a new marketing campaign to emphasize its unique combination of market leading services and local focus. The personalization that only a hometown provider can bring versus the cutting edge technological advances of an industry-leading broadband provider. These two things almost never overlap. But Comporium’s new work is showing otherwise by highlighting their unique David meets Goliath skillset. So now you can call them “your friendly, neighborhood tech giant.”

Comporium shared that the 9-month long campaign will feature video, digital, and print ads that emphasize the company’s ability to balance delivering world-class technology and products with providing hometown, customized customer service. Comporium will complement the marketing campaign with a series of surprise events where company employees will appear spontaneously at public events and handout gifts and promotional items.

Comporium offers comparable products and services to those that much larger, national providers do. Unlike other providers in the area, though, Comporium is local. According to the company, its leadership and employees, even its call center, are based locally. Instead of being located hundreds of miles away from its customers, Comporium is based within the communities that it serves. This means that the company’s customers are served by neighbors that treat them as individuals ensuring higher quality, quicker and more reliable customer service.

“In contrast to our competition, at Comporium we’re serving our home community,” stated Matthew Dosch, executive vice president and chief operations officer. “We want to make sure that our neighbors are well cared for, not just in terms of technology and customer service, but also when it comes to Comporium being good corporate stewards. We believe that it’s our responsibility to give back. We are always exploring ways we can contribute to the community to help with both the economy and the wellbeing of the people.”

Comporium is committed to local community engagement and giving back is a part of its fabric. Each year the company supports hundreds of local organizations which help to improve the quality of life for area residents. Comporium also uses tax credits and direct contributions to invest in the local economy and economic development. Because the company and its leadership believe that all businesses should invest in the future of the community and its workforce, they also support local school districts and colleges. Over just the past three years the company has made sizable grants to Clemson, the University of South Carolina and York Technical College. Last month Comporium and the Fort Mill School District jointly announced that Comporium was supporting the District’s new athletic facility, Comporium Athletic Park.

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We are always exploring ways we can contribute to the community to help with both the economy and the wellbeing of the people.

Matthew Dosch executive vice resident and chief operations officer

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