Shutterfly: Preserving Life’s Moments in Print

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Whether it’s a baby book or a college diploma, paper and printing are essential to preserving life’s most important moments. And Domtar and Shutterfly, two companies with a special interest in the types of memories that we frame forever, happen to have facilities within a mile of each other in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

“It’s a happy coincidence that we’re here together,” said Shutterfly COO Dwayne Black. “Domtar and Shutterfly appreciate what print means for both everyday business and special occasions. We also know our companies’ presence is important to this community.”

The Domtar and Shutterfly Partnership

The two companies share something else: Some of Shutterfly’s products are printed on Domtar paper. 

Shutterfly’s Fort Mill facility is one of three in the United States that process hundreds of thousands of orders per day, using tons of paper and more than 200 CMYK printers from leading suppliers. The company employs 2,300 people, with about 1,400 of them in operations. An additional 1,000 people join the workforce during the winter to produce hundreds of millions of holiday cards. 

Shutterfly is a much younger company than Domtar. It started in 1999, helping people print 4-by-6-inch photographs from their digital cameras. Though it’s best known for its photo cards and invitations, Shutterfly has expanded well beyond the memory business. Shutterfly Business Services is HIPAA-certified and works with leading companies in healthcare, financial services and other industries to print marketing materials and more. 

Preserving the Past, Meeting the Future

The appreciation of paper as an instrument to preserve memories and share life’s stories connects Domtar and Shutterfly. We also share a commitment to innovation and an excitement about the future, including the evolution of printing technology, particularly in inkjet printing.

“Production inkjet has improved significantly over the last three to four years,” Black said in a recent interview with “What They Think.” “Before that, we would have said it had no place in our business. Our printer manufacturer partners are constantly working on new things, and they are focusing hard on the future because they know we owe it to our customers to have the best quality and to our shareholders to have the lowest production cost possible.” 

Scott Schweder, Domtar’s director of business development, said that the rise in inkjet use has required the paper industry to develop quality sheets to meet the demands of technology. Domtar now offers inkjet papers that not only print well but are designed to withstand the rigors of folding and mailing. Domtar also works closely with printer manufacturers to ensure that the company’s paper quality meets the exacting needs of inkjet printer technology. 

“When a customer makes a multimillion dollar investment in new technology, it’s a bold leap of faith,” Schweder said. “We pride ourselves on presenting a unified front with our print partners. We’re in it together to transition customers and grow their business.”

“Shutterfly is constantly evolving and analyzing new technology, and we are excited about what we are seeing,” Black said.

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“It’s a happy coincidence that we’re here together. Domtar and Shutterfly appreciate what print means for both everyday business and special occasions. We also know our companies’ presence is important to this community.”

Dwayne Black COO for Shutterfly

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