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World’s hottest pepper grown in York County, SC. Seriously.

Hot. Hot. Hot. No, we’re not talking about the weather; we’re talking about peppers – the ones that make it into headlines and the Guinness Book of World records. And though you may be aware that the hottest chili pepper (in the world) is grown right here in York County, South Carolina, you may not know that the shop on 235 Main Street in Fort Mill is just the face of a growing operation. What began as an endeavor to dodge the genetic bullet of cancer and heart disease for one man, has turned into one smokin’ operation. Smokin’ Ed Currie–Founder, President, Mad Scientist & Chef of PuckerButt Pepper Company is passionate about peppers. And with over a million in sales last year and projections to nearly double that next year, it is safe to say Ed and the PuckerButt Pepper Company are burning up the hot pepper market.

A true seed-to-table producer, they are the only sourced pepper product in the United States, and the largest supplier of hot peppers in the country. Supplying over 100 commercial customers from all over the world with his products, they have a lot to be excited about. After all, these products don’t just end up in hot sauce and salsa.  Touting the numerous health benefits and medicinal properties, Ed says his pepper powder has been shipped to research hospitals throughout the country—being used in studies aimed to help defeat inflammation, cancer, heart disease, and even improve metabolism. “Some people go for a five mile run to counter balance that bowl of ice cream, I eat really hot peppers,” Ed shared.
It doesn’t stop there for this local agribusiness industry. The cultivation of the peppers takes place right here in York County as well, utilizing a partnership with Springs Farms that allows seasoned farmers to take care of the entire harvesting process, freeing up Ed and his colleagues to work on new endeavors. Ed projects they will harvest 20 million peppers in York County this year—so with plans to soon expand their manufacturing operations, it appears the heat is on here in York County.

"Some people go for a five mile run to counter balance that bowl of ice cream, I eat really hot peppers.”
– Ed Currie–Founder, President, Mad Scientist & Chef of PuckerButt Pepper Company®

Fast Facts:

  • Storefront, office and storage located on 235 Main Street in Fort Mill, South Carolina
  • Main Street location also serves as a certified kitchen and canning establishment
  • One of the largest hot pepper seed providers in the world
  • Cultivation of peppers takes places on over 25 acres throughout York County
  • Partnership with local growers Springs Farms
  • Supplies products to over 100 commercial customers throughout the world, including local companies such as US Foods
  • Projected sales for coming year to exceed $2 Million
  • Will harvest more than 20 million peppers in York County this year
  • Smokin' Ed's Carolina Reaper® was awarded the Guinness World Record in November of 2013

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