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Tour of Newly Opened ArcLabs Welding School

The York County Economic Development department recently attended a tour of the newly opened ArcLabs Welding School in Rock Hill, SC, and we were thoroughly impressed by what we saw. As a county that values workforce development and job creation, ArcLabs' focus on welding education will be valuable to our community.

Founded in 2006 by Gene Crook, ArcLabs Welding School was created to meet the demand for well-trained welders. Since then, the school has trained thousands of students, from beginners to experienced professionals seeking advanced training. The expert instructors at ArcLabs provide hands-on training and instruction that is unique from other welding schools in the US.

During our tour, we were amazed by the state-of-the-art equipment and facilities at ArcLabs, as well as the passion that the staff at ArcLabs have for helping their students become the best welders possible. The school has invested in the latest technology to ensure that their students receive the best education they can provide.

We recognize the value of skilled trades in our economy and understand that welding is a trade that is in high demand. This school's particular niche will be positive for workforce development in York County, SC. Thanks to ArcLabs Welding School for allowing us to tour their amazing campus.

Anyone who is interested in welding and wants to take advantage of this opportunity can find more information here. 


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