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From The Director's Desk. 

It has been said many times that economic development is a team sport.  And in a time like no other, in the course of a century, has this become so apparent with trying economic times and resources scarce.  And while we all recognize that periods of decline and growth in the economy are inventible, the challenge lies in the hard to predict rate and length in which this period of strain may last.  

It is also in these challenging times, that our collaborations, team approach, and ability to modify and reinvent ourselves come to light. Here in York County, our collaborations to help address the needs and concerns of small and medium businesses across many different sectors of our economy has been elevated through the COVID-19 pandemic.  And though no economic development team has experienced this type of challenge before, this is what we do.

We are in the business of helping companies within our community in challenging times. And though we may not have all of the answers, we strive daily to meet the unique needs of each company.  Often times this means finding the right resources.

Our economic development team realizes that having key relationships and contacts with businesses can help us respond quicker to challenges and allow us to plan more efficiently, thus, producing more resilient strategies, and improving future outcomes. Even in these days of immense change, I cannot help but be thankful, trusting that our hardworking community will rebound, in an even stronger fashion.

Fortunately, with York County's strength leading up to the pandemic, coupled with the amazing resiliency and zeal of our companies as captured below, it is easy to see how York County will continue to push forward, and remain — The Location You Need. The Life You Want. 

– David Swenson, Director of York County Economic Development

Carolina Panthers’ SC facility moves forward
Much has changed for the Carolina Panthers since the NFL franchise began eyeing the possibility of building a new headquarters and practice facility in South Carolina in 2018. This article expands on the how and why the team's headquarters is headed to York County, SC.


Step into the Ring 
*ding ding* -- What do boxing and the recent call to action to supply personal protective equipment have to do with one another?
� Find out as we bring to light how so many York County companies have stepped into the ring, in a big way.
� Check out this three part series: Bobbing and Weaving: York County Industries Step in the Ring to Provide Personal Protective Equipment 


Round One  
Featuring: Composite Resources , 3D Systems Corporation & Southeast Nonwovens
Bobbing and Weaving: York County Industries Step in the Ring to Provide Personal Protective Equipment | Round One.

"Most of our orders are coming in from essential businesses that have remained open. We saw this trend early on and our focus remains on keeping those workers and the community in general safe.”
Managing Partner for Composite Resources Morgan Brady

Round Two  
Featuring Springs Creative. Read how this colorful long-standing company answered the call for PPE. Bobbing and Weaving: York County Industries Step in the Ring to Provide Personal Protective Equipment | Round Two ��

"Several of our divisions have recognized growth during this unprecedented time of global somber. Conversely, families are getting to spend more time together, creating the opportunity for younger generations to find peace in arts, crafts, and sewing projects, so that makes us happy.”
Vice President of the Retail Division & Corporate Marketing Kathryn Lawrie 

Round Three  
Featuring Shutterfly, Inc. Read how this well-known industry leader answered the call for PPE and more. Bobbing and Weaving: York County Industries Step in the Ring to Provide Personal Protective Equipment | Round Three ���

"We are thrilled to be able to do our part to support the first responders and healthcare professionals working on the front's critical that we're able to protect our own employees during this time with PPE available in Fort Mill, and all our manufacturing facilities."
Vice President of Shutterfly, Inc. Operations Dave Bull

York Company Economic Development COVID-19 Business Resource Page

Just a gentle reminder that this site is updated weekly in an effort to provide local businesses with the most up-to-date information. We realize that our role in Economic Development is critical, in regards to sharing timely and relevant information with the businesses and individuals that help make our county thrive. Find resources here. 

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